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Hello! My name is Vladimir Nekrachevitch. I'm originally from Russia, but currently residing in Salem, New Hampshire. This location, while close to Boston, MA, is also near the Great National White Mountains Park. This allows me to enjoy the beautiful scenery while staying close to the technological center of Boston. I like this place!
My family consists of my wife, three sons and a small parrot.
My vocation is chief of FOSS Software, Inc. and my avocation is programming.
I have started to develop software in 1991 and run my own company in 2000.
I like this business!
To success in this area you should always to be in touch with newest technologies. My company FOSS Software, Inc. is providing a software consulting service, developing and selling our flagman product Prof-UIS (Professional User Interface Suite, www.prof-uis.com ). Another FOSS Software product WWW Support System is available by address web.fossware.com .